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Rockchip Processor Powering Up New Linux Laptop, Pixel 9 Leak Revealed on Optimise Blog

Google’s Pixel 9 series smartphones are set to launch this fall, and details about the upcoming flagships have already started to surface. Earlier this year, leaked images allegedly showed the Google Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, but a new report suggests that these images actually depicted the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL. Google is reportedly planning to release three models this year, with the Pixel 9 featuring a 6-inch display and two cameras, the Pixel 9 Pro sporting a 6.2-inch screen with three cameras, and the Pixel 9 Pro XL boasting a 6.5-inch display.

Recent tech news from around the web includes the design reveal of the Google Pixel 9 through 5K renders, indicating that it will launch alongside the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL. Additionally, Android 15 will no longer support apps designed for Android Marshmallow or earlier, citing security concerns. Rockchip has introduced the cost-effective RK3582 processor as an alternative to the RK3588S, and the latest System76 Oryx Pro Linux laptop is available for pre-order with notable upgrades in specifications.

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