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Transform Your Laptop into an AI Powerhouse with Keyboard Stickers

Microsoft’s Copilot AI functionality has received some upgrades, enhancing its ability to handle a variety of OS tasks like batch file renaming, storage drive cleanup, and IP address retrieval. Impressive!

But what truly defines an AI PC? It’s not just the Copilot feature in Windows or the AI hardware in your CPU. You also need the essential ‘Copilot’ button on your keyboard. Without it, even with a cutting-edge Intel Meteor Lake CPU or AMD Phoenix APU equipped with AI-accelerating NPU, your PC falls short of being an AI PC.

According to Intel, Microsoft’s criteria for AI PCs include new NPU, CPU, and GPU-powered silicon, Copilot integration in Windows 11, and the presence of the Copilot key. Once you meet all these requirements, you officially have an AI PC.

The irony lies in the fact that laptops featuring Intel’s Meteor Lake and AMD Phoenix APUs, boasting CPU, NPU, and GPU components, along with Windows 11 and Copilot, are not considered AI PCs if they lack the Copilot key.

The all-important AI key…
(Image credit: Intel)

Intel’s PC ecosystem head Todd Lewellen stated, “Our joint aligned definition, Intel and Microsoft, we’ve aligned on Core Ultra, Copilot, and Copilot key.”

At CES, Dell reportedly affixed makeshift Copilot stickers on its XPS laptops, as the Copilot key concept came into play later than anticipated.

Does a sticker suffice to transform your PC into an AI PC? What if your Copilot key lacks the official MS logo? Perhaps alternative Github Copilot key stickers serve the purpose at just 50 cents each.

Ultimately, Microsoft’s AI requirements may be driven by marketing and may not significantly impact performance. A mere NPU with limited processing power and access to an online LLM may not elevate your PC to a sentient being. But hey, who knows?

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