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Google Pixel 9 Renders Leaked: ‘XL’ Variant Also Coming : Tech : Tech Times

In the eight-year run of the Google smartphone, Pixel stuck with two variants of the smartphone releasing, but new leaked renders of the Pixel 9 series suggest that there would be three.

This centers on another variant called the XL, one that was last seen as the Pixel 4 XL, which was last released in 2019. 

The upcoming Pixel 9 is said to feature a new design in almost every aspect, with a refreshed look for the Google smartphone for the first time since Pixel 5. 

Google’s Pixel 9 Renders Leaked: XL Variant Coming

OnLeaks has shared 5K renders of the upcoming Pixel 9 series, revealing that Google will release the XL variant alongside other new smartphones later this year. The information was reported by 91mobiles.

Google has been releasing two variants of the Pixel since its inception in 2016. The base variant and XL were featured in the first smartphones and continued until the release of Pixel 5 in 2020, which had only one variant. However, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, released after Pixel 5, replaced XL with ‘Pro’ in their two variant releases.

The 2020-released Pixel 5 only featured one variant, and the succeeding ones reverted to two variant releases. Starting with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the XL has been changed to the’ Pro’. 

According to the leaks, the three Pixel 9 variants will have minimal size differences, and this design revamp will offer more from Google’s tech.

What is Changing on the Pixel 9?

The Pixel 9’s base variant will now feature a 6.03-inch display, the Pixel 9 Pro will feature a 6.1-inch display (a 0.6-inch size reduction from the previous one), and the Pixel 9 XL will feature a 6.5-inch screen. 

OnLeaks claimed the renders they shared last January were of the Pixel 9 XL. 

Its new, redesigned camera bump at the rear would feature a 12mm height behind. The Pixel 9 is the only variant getting two lenses, and the Pixel 9 Pro and XL are expected to feature a three-camera setup. 

Google’s Pixel Smartphones

Pixel 9’s massive leaks began appearing as early as last year, with massive expectations already placed over Google’s renowned smartphone lineup coming later in 2024.

It is expected to bring massive artificial intelligence integration, with a so-called ‘Pixie AI’ to bring its assistive features to the new devices, effectively replacing the Google Assistant. 

OnLeaks also recently shared leaked renders of the Pixel 9 devices alongside MySmartPrice, initially saying that these would be seen as a major design revamp akin to the current iPhone 15 and Galaxy S24 series.

In these renders, the leaker shared how Pixel 9 will feature flat edges with rounded corners, and the smartphone’s design is now changing. 

That same claim for flat edges and rounded corners remains, as well as the new pill design for the rear camera array, significantly changing its look from the Pixel 8 series and other similar designs. 

A new report surfaced on the Pixel 9, Google’s first three-variant release. The company is bringing back the XL alongside the base and Pixel 9 Pro.

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