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The Best Mobile Tech We Saw at CES 2024 – Video

The Best Mobile Tech We Saw at CES 2024

Speaker 1: I am here at CES 2024 and we’re taking a look at the best mobile tech that I’ve seen at the show. First up is Samsung’s Flex In-N-Out Flip. Now this concept basically looks like Samsung’s Galaxy Z flip phones, but instead of only folding inward, it actually folds backwards as well so that the screen can be used even when the device is closed. Next, we also really loved the As Wrong Phone eight, which is Jesus’s newest phone [00:00:30] aimed at gamers. So this phone really stands out. In addition to his gaming specific features, it has a large battery, super best charging, and a really high 165 pertz refresh rate. Next, we really loved the Clicks keyboard, which essentially adds a physical keyboard to your iPhone. So if you had a Blackberry at some point and you miss your Blackberry, this keyboard is designed to recreate that experience.

Speaker 1: We also really liked the TCL 50 XL Next paper, which is [00:01:00] the first time the company is bringing its paper-like screen to devices launching in the us. It’s not going to replace Kindle exactly, but it does provide a lot less glare. So if you’re outside and you frequently read and bright sunlight a lot, this phone should be much easier on the eyes, and it also should be a lot easier to see. Another really fascinating gadget here at CES is the Rabbit R one. This device isn’t a SW cone. It’s actually trying to be an alternative to your smartphone. It’s [00:01:30] a tiny pocket sized device that kind of looks like a retro gadget with a really tiny screen with a push to talk button that you can press to ask specific tasks. Because this device runs entirely on ai. There are actually no apps. It connects to your apps, but there are no apps on the device itself.

Speaker 1: So it’s a really fascinating look at the types of new AI products that companies are trying to create. Another thing that really stood out to us at CES is the Double point Wow Mouse app. So this is an app for Wear OSS smartwatches, [00:02:00] and it basically turns your watch into a controller for your laptop, really anything that you can connect a digital mouse to. But at the demo that I saw, they also put it hooked up to a lamp so that you can turn the lights on and off just by moving your hand. It felt really cool. It was really interesting, and it was definitely on highlight of the show. So those were some of our favorite mobile devices we saw here at CES. Don’t forget to check out CNET for more details and coverage.

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