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Workshop: Mobile Solutions for Tomorrow’s Railways

At RailTech Europe on 6 and 7 March in Utrecht, the Netherlands, various free workshops will be given, which we’ll put in the spotlight here. In the workshop ‘All Aboard the Digital Express: Mobile Solutions for Tomorrow’s Railways’ by Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, the intersection of railways and mobile technology will be explored.

“In “All Aboard the Digital Express”, we embark on a journey into the future of rail travel, where mobile solutions are driving transformative change. It is your ticket to envisioning the railway industry of tomorrow and how mobile solutions are propelling us toward a more efficient and connected future”, describes Panasonic the workshop.

This interactive session will unravel the potential of mobile innovations in enhancing:

  • Network & track construction and maintenance
  • Smart train manufacturing, maintenance & diagnostics
  • Passenger experiences on- and off trainThomas Murman

“In this workshop, we’ll delve into real-world examples and discuss how mobile technology keeps you safe, efficient, lean – and on time! As we navigate the tracks of progress, we’ll also examine the impact of emerging technologies like private 5G on the future of railways.”

The workshop will be given by Thomas Murman, together with Thomas Debaene. Murman is key account manager at Panasonic TOUGHBOOK. He is a seasoned expert with a 10-year track record in the tech sector, with four years at Panasonic and previous positions at Siemens and Essent.

For who is this workshop?

Are you in one of the following areas? Then this workshop is especially interesting for you.

  • IT Professionals in Transportation: Information technology professionals working in the transportation sector, particularly those responsible for implementing and managing mobile solutions, would find value in understanding how mobile devices can optimise various aspects of railway operations.
  • Technology Managers in Railways: Managers and decision-makers responsible for technology adoption and implementation within railway organisations would benefit from understanding the impact of mobile solutions on modernising railway infrastructure and operations.
  • Digital Transformation Leaders: Individuals leading digital transformation initiatives within railway companies would gain valuable insights into the strategic integration of mobile devices to enhance efficiency, safety, and the overall passenger experience.

For more information about the workshop programme and to register for free, visit the RailTech Europe website.

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