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MSI Commercial 14: A Comprehensive Review from PCMag

MSI Commercial 14: A Sustainable Business Laptop

The MSI Commercial 14 is the latest addition to MSI’s business laptop lineup, catering to government and institutional buyers. Priced at $899 (starting) and $1,129 (as tested), this 14-inch laptop packs a powerful Intel Core H-series processor and comes with a standard three-year warranty. Additionally, MSI highlights its eco-friendly design, with 10% of the laptop made from recycled materials and 80% recyclable, making it ideal for organizations aiming to meet ESG targets.

MSI Commercial 14 top cover

(Credit: Joseph Maldonado)

Key Features of the MSI Commercial 14

The Commercial 14 offers business-specific features such as Intel vPro remote management, a SmartCard reader, and a strong focus on sustainability. Along with EPEAT 2.0 Silver and Energy Star 8.0 ratings, the laptop is available through vendors like Amazon or directly from MSI.

Ports on the left side of MSI Commercial 14

(Credit: Joseph Maldonado)

Design and Connectivity

The Commercial 14 features a sturdy aluminum chassis with an industrial look suitable for office environments. In terms of connectivity, it offers Thunderbolt 4, USB-A and USB-C ports, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a SmartCard reader for enhanced security.

Ports on the right side of MSI Commercial 14

(Credit: Joseph Maldonado)

User Experience and Performance

Despite a slightly undersized keyboard, the Commercial 14 provides a comfortable typing experience with enjoyable feedback and customizable backlighting. The laptop’s screen, though functional, could benefit from improved color reproduction and brightness.

Webcam on the MSI Commercial 14

(Credit: Joseph Maldonado)


The MSI Commercial 14 offers strong performance, sustainability features, and a decent warranty, making it a worthwhile option for business users. However, areas for improvement include battery life, keyboard size, screen quality, and webcam resolution. Overall, while the Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 5 remains a top choice for entry-level business laptops, the Commercial 14 stands out for its processing power and customization options.

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