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Getac: Rugged mobile technology is stronger than ever, but we’re sticking to computing devices for now

We’ve always admired rugged mobile technology. Faster processors, higher resolution screens, intuitive operating systems – they’re all essential and impressive. But the build quality and durability of laptops, tablets, phones all capable of surviving unimaginable drops, shocks, and environmental extremes is in a league of its own. 

There’s a reason for the growing popularity of the best rugged laptops, tablets, and phones. After all, those better specs won’t mean much when the display shatters, when dust and sand carpet the motherboard. According to one survey, the tablet PC market alone is forecast to be worth over $1900 million by 2032. It’s a trend replicated for rugged laptops and phones. One of the companies leading the way in mobile solutions protected against the elements is Getac. 

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