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Get Your Hands on MWC 2024’s Coolest Tech Now

If you’re not familiar with the MWC, it’s a huge event where telecom and teletech companies like Samsung and Motorolla can show off their latest tech. This year’s MWC 2024 went from Feb. 26 to Feb. 29 in Barcelona and had a ton of interesting tech from Samsung’s new Ring device to AI-enhanced gadgets gadgets.

Mobile World Congress is an event that gives the communications industry a chance to launch new phones and debut innovative tech, even if much of it may not hit the market for some time. We’ve gone through all the hottest devices to find which ones you can get your hands on right now and have gathered them below. All of the products here are available to preorder or purchase directly right now.

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MWC 2024 tech you can order right now

Snag some of the amazing technology highlighted at this year’s MWC 2024 event.

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The latest smartwatch from OnePlus has a long battery life and a nice screen. It doesn’t have every feature that you’ll find on other smartwatches, but it’s affordable enough that it might be worth the compromise. You can preorder the OnePlus Watch 2 right now for $300. But if you have an older smartwatch to trade, you can score a $50 credit, no matter which brand you own or the condition that it’s in.

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This AI wearable device from Humane pins onto your shirt and can answer questions, respond to voice commands and even projects onto your hand, turning your palm into a screen. The device starts at $699. And if you order by March 31, you’ll get a free three-month Humane subscription. A subscription typically costs $24 per month.

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The Samsung Galaxy Book 4 starts at $1,320 for the base 360 model, $1,670 for the Pro, $2,120 for the Pro 360 and $2,620 for the Ultra. However, right now you can snag direct savings on these new laptops, which drops the price to $1,100 for the base 360 model, $1,450 for the Pro, $1,900 for the Pro 360 and $2,400 for the Ultra. Plus, you can get up to $800 in instant trade-in credit. Note that you can upgrade the processor and graphics, but it will cost extra. 

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

While it’s not available in the US, our UK readers can snag this cutting-edge phone. CNET’s Sareena Dayaram found Honor’s Magic 6 Pro to be “among the most compelling Android flagships available this year,” thanks to its eye-tracking tech, a silicon-carbon battery and AI. The phone is set to be available March 1 and cost £1,100 (about $1,395). But you may be able to snag some savings by ordering early.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

Similarly to the phone above, US consumers won’t have access to the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. However, our UK readers can preorder this impressive camera phone for £1,299 (about $1,650). The offer also includes three months of YouTube Premium access, six months of 100GB of Google One cloud storage and you can also save on your purchase if you have an eligible device to trade in. Phones will ship March 19.

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MWC 2024 tech that’s coming soon

While these products aren’t available to purchase just yet, we do know when they’re expected to arrive.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

ThinkPad T-Series Laptops

Lenovo paired with iFixit to make laptops that are user-repairable, allowing for battery swaps, memory and storage upgrades and more. That should prolong the life of these devices and help reduce how many old models are ending up in landfills. ThinkPad T14 Gen 5 and T16 Gen 3 Intel models will be available for purchase in April. 


TCL 50 Series Nxtpaper 5G Phones

TCL revealed more details about its Nxtpaper phones at MWC 2024. The TCL 50 XL Nxtpaper 5G, which will be priced under $229 when it hits shelves, and the smaller 50 XE Nxtpaper 5G, which will cost under $199 upon its release. The 50 XL Nxtpaper sports a 6.8-inch FHD Plus display, while the XE is equipped with a 6.6-inch HD Plus display. And both phones will include a black-and-white ink paper mode, similar to e-readers. You can expect these phones to arrive in the third quarter of 2024.


The Energizer Hard Case P28K sports a 28,000 mAh battery that can last up to a week. That said, it’s noticeably thick and weighs 570 grams, but it’s designed to be a solid option if you don’t have a regular power supply. It’s not slated for a US release, but others around the globe can expect this device to go on sale in October for just under $300.

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The Coolest Phones at MWC 2024 From Samsung, Honor, Motorola and More

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