Dreame L10s Plus: New Self-Empty Vacuum Mop

Meet the Dreame L10s Plus, the newest star in home cleaning. This breakthrough gear mixes vacuuming and mopping for an easy clean. Its self-emptying feature means less work for you and more relaxation time.

This device is made to make cleaning a breeze. It’s a vacuum with a self-empty system. No more emptying dustbins by hand. It deals with dirt, pet hair, and more, making your floors pristine.

The Dreame L10s Plus doesn’t stop at vacuuming. With a special water tank, it also mops. It smoothly switches from vacuuming to mopping. Hardwood, tiles, or carpets—it cleans them all.

dreame L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo


Discover the next level of cleaning with the Dreame L10s Plus. It integrates with smart homes and cleans amazingly well. Enjoy your time while it does the cleaning.

Setting the Bar High with Innovative Self-Emptying and Mop Features

The Dreame L10s Plus changes the cleaning game with its self-emptying feature. No more constant dustbin emptying. It automatically empties the dirt into a bigger bin in its dock, giving you a hands-free cleaning experience.

This robot not only vacuums but also mops with a separate water tank. It switches between vacuuming and mopping modes, cleaning your floors well.

Key Features That Define the Dreame L10s Plus

The Dreame L10s Plus stands out with more than just self-emptying and mopping. It has powerful suction to pick up tiny dust particles. And it moves around obstacles and cleans every home corner with its advanced system.

It also features a large battery for longer cleaning and smart dust detection to adjust suction power. Whether you have carpet or hard floors, expect them to be spotless.

Fusion of AI and 3D Navigation in Home Cleaning

The Dreame L10s Plus uses AI and 3D navigation for smart cleaning. It learns your home’s layout for a custom clean plan. Plus, its 3D system maps your house, avoids obstacles, and finds the best cleaning path.

With the Dreame L10s Plus, just relax as it does the cleaning. Welcome to the future of clean homes with the Dreame L10s Plus. Enjoy a clean, healthy living space easily.

Smart Home Integration and Ease of Use

The Dreame L10s Plus is more than a smart vacuum and mop. It easily connects with your smart home system. With its hands-free feature, controlling and scheduling cleanings becomes simple. You can manage it whether you’re home or not. This makes the Dreame L10s Plus incredibly convenient.

Imagine cleaning your house with just voice commands. The Dreamehome app lets you control your vacuum from your phone. Just tap a button or say a command. This means no more manual vacuuming or remembering tough settings.

Setting up the Dreame L10s Plus is a breeze thanks to its easy interface. You can pick your cleaning mode, put in boundaries, or schedule cleanings for different rooms. The vacuum does the hard work for you. This lets you handle other important stuff.

The Dreame L10s Plus also works well with other smart home gadgets. You can add it to your smart home setup for automated cleaning routines. Imagine walking into a clean, fresh house every day without doing anything.

The Dreame L10s Plus changes the game in smart home cleaning and ease of use. Forget about long hours of cleaning. Now, a cleaner home is just a few taps or voice commands away.

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