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Best phone grips in 2024

If you are fumbling with your phone on the regular, then it may be time to get a grip.

As our favorite smartphones have grown over the years, they have allowed us to become more immersed in our content with larger screens. But they have also become more challenging to hold. If you’re having trouble holding onto your device, whether an iPhone or Android device, try getting a grip. There are standard grips, as well as those that add a bit of extra functionality, including kickstands, MagSafe compatibility, rechargeable batteries, and wallets. We’ve rounded up the best ones you can buy below, and you can’t go wrong with any one of them.

  • Popsocket on transparent background.


    Editor’s choice

    There are many reasons why the PopSocket is such a popular phone grip/kickstand. Its simple design makes it both easy and satisfying to use. Its universal adhesive works with any phone or case, and the swappable PopTop system allows for customization with a downright massive selection of colors, patterns, and styles. And the grip’s low price makes it accessible to chronically clumsy individuals from all walks of life. It is also available with MagSafe.

  • Translucent-Phone-Grip

    Transparent Clear Phone Ring Grip

    Best value

    If you’re looking for a budget phone grip, this one is available at a price that’s almost impossible to beat. It’s clear, meaning that it won’t block the color of your phone or case from shining through. Plus, it rotates 360 degrees and is compatible with just about any smartphone. You can even bundle up to four of them together for greater savings.

  • spigen o-mag ring grip-1

    Spigen O-Mag Ring


    The Spigen O-Mag Ring is a convenient option for those with a MagSafe-compatible phone (iPhone 12 or newer) or a case because you can attach and remove it repeatedly without having to worry about any adhesive wearing off. Its rotating ring grip is equally useful for holding up a heavy handset or propping up your phone to watch videos in portrait or landscape mode.

  • Casetify-Snappy-Grip-Stand

    Casetify Snappy Grip Stand

    Custom designs

    This tiny Snappy Grip Stand from Casetify is smaller than a typical MagSafe charger. However, it still packs a ton of functionality as a phone and grip stand with MagSafe compatibility. Plus, since it’s a Casetify product, you can customize it with unique designs. 

  • Popsockets-Phone-Wallet-Grip

    PopSockets Phone Wallet with Phone Grip

    Wallet grip

    If you want a dual-purpose option, check out the PopSockets Phone Wallet with Phone Grip. It sticks to any phone or case with adhesive, and holds 3-5 credit cards. Plus, it has an expandable phone grip on the back. It’s like using a phone wallet and a phone grip with just one accessory.

  • LOVEHANDLE Phone Grip

    LoveHandle Universal Smartphone Grip

    Universal pick

    The classic LoveHandle offers the same versatile strap grip as the LoveHandle Pro without all the extra color options and kickstand functionality. The design is truly universal, allowing it to work on nearly all smartphones and smaller-sized tablets. Ultra-strong 3M adhesive allows you to apply it to the device of your choice without fear of it becoming detached.

  • anker-maggo-black-battery

    Anker MagGo

    With battery

    The Anker MagGo Battery Grip pulls some serious double duty. It is both a phone grip and a 5,000mAh portable charger, adding up to 17 hours of extended use to your device. MagSafe is stock on the iPhone 12 and newer, but you can also use this technology with a great Android phone if you equip it with a MagSafe-compatible case. Just make sure that it is a phone compatible with wireless charging.

  • Spigen Style Ring 360 grip-1

    Spigen Style Ring 360

    Ring grip

    Spigen’s low-profile rotating phone grip design is also available for non-MagSafe devices by way of the Spigen Style Ring 360. It attaches to your phone or case via an adhesive strip. The ring’s D-shaped cut is great for use as a kickstand. Best of all, its durable zinc alloy and stainless steel construction make it compatible with select magnetic car mounts.

  • Scooch Wingback phone grip

    Scooch Wingback


    The Scooch Wingback offers a fresh take on the standard phone grip recipe. Its standout feature is a grip/stand that bends in and out of use like a 90s slap bracelet. The curved shape adds stability while holding your phone and props your phone up to watch videos. It can also be hooked into your car’s AC vent as a makeshift car mount. Alternatively, you can attach it to a magnetic car mount thanks to its built-in metal plate.

  • phone loops grip-1

    Phone Loops

    Soft loop

    If you are equally concerned about dropping your phone and having to manage a bulky phone grip, the Phone Loop is definitely worth your consideration. This slim adhesive grip can be easily installed onto any phone case without altering the phone’s footprint. It comes in a large color variety and patterns, too, so you can match it to just about any aesthetic.

  • Attom Tech Ultra Thin Cell Phone Ring

    Attom Tech Ultra Thin Cell Phone Ring

    Thin pick

    Attom Tech’s Ultra Thin Cell Phone Ring is among the thinnest cell phone grips we have witnessed. At 2.3mm thick, the Ring is a solid option for individuals who want a ring grip but don’t always want to feel it’s there. While other rings make it difficult to lay your phone flat on a table, the thin design of this option makes it significantly easier.

  • lovehandle pro phone grip-1

    LoveHandle Pro

    Built-in stand

    The LoveHandle Pro is a multifunctional accessory that not only stabilizes your one-handed phone grip but also offers a no-handed method for watching movies or taking a video call. The silicone strap’s adhesive base folds out, acting as a kickstand in either portrait or landscape mode. Additionally, you can swap the LoveHandle’s straps to try out new colors. It’s also available in a MagSafe style.

Our top picks for the best phone grips in 2024

Phone grips not only make your device easier to use, but they can also expand its potential lifespan by reducing the chance of fatal drops. That is probably why our best overall pick, the classic PopSocket, has become such a ubiquitous smartphone accessory. Its customization, utility, and low price make it an all-around appealing pick for any user. Of course, some phone grips are meant to do more. The LoveHandle Pro, for example, has a built-in kickstand feature for some additional functionality on top of its secure hand strap.

Of course, adding extra features can be a slippery slope. Other top picks include bigger and bulkier features like a wallet compartment or an external battery pack. And while these are great for power users, those after a simpler design might prefer our value pick, the classic LoveHandle. It is a no-frills stick-on strap to keep your phone in your hands. No matter which option you go with, though, having a grip is certainly a preferable alternative to risking that fatal drop. It’s all too common for these large, slippery, go-everywhere devices.



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